Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lump Watch 2012

This blog post written by Tiffany, Surrogate Mother

First of all, I am so sorry for our absence lately. This pregnancy has really been giving us a run for our money with how sick I have been.  Everyone has been so helpful with helping us with our kids so my hubby can work, we have the best friends and family! Natalie, James and Hunter have been able to come up and take care of us and of course my dear husband is so great at taking care of me (he is making me seconds on my dinner as we speak!).  I have been doing "okay", although I am still throwing up each day.  I am gaining weight, getting nice and plump, ready for winter in six months. Yessssss.  I am hungry and nauseous all the time but this past week had some breaks!  I joked today that I am writing two books about this pregnancy, The Hunger Pains and 50 Shades of Puke.  I know.  I'm ashamed.

I was for sure never this sick with my last two pregnancies.  I keep hearing that the high levels in hormones from twins, plus all the surrogacy medication I was taking play a big role. I am almost to week 13 and finally finished with medications, maybe that is why I have had some breaks in feeling sick these past few days? Or maybe because I am in second trimester, or maybe I am used to it?  hahaha no.    Someone asked me since I have been so sick, if I regret doing this now.  I don't regret this, but I guess a part of me was hoping the pregnancy fairy would ease up on me this time around!   The good news is, or so "they" say, that the sicker you are, the healthier those babes are.   So we welcome those old sayings in this house!  Stay focused on the good to get through the current sickness. We are getting closer to the goal.

Onto more exciting things!    How about a belly picture? Many of you have been asking and I wanted to do a nice high quality one but never felt well enough.  Apple PhotoBooth it is!   I really wanted to call today's post: Bump Watch 2012, but I've been honest so far, why stop now?  I have a lump/bump for a belly right now.  I'm so ashamed!   From the weight gain while on the medication prior to the embryo transfer, a lot of the weight went to my belly. A lot.   So now, I have a little baby bump underneath a nice layer of lump.  The bump is pushing my lump/fat out, adding a good 3 inches making me look further along than I truly am!    The top part is nice and hard and the bottom is still.... developing.... hahaha.    At any rate, here is the growing lump/bump that is housing two little angels! 

Photo Taken Wednesday June 13, 2012 at 9:15pm  
12.5 weeks pregnant with the twins

 We had an 8 week, 10 week and 11 week ultra sound, everything was beautiful!  I will share photos and a video from our 11 week where the twins are just amazing.  Truly amazing how much they have grown and look like little humans.   Baby A is on the lower right if you are looking at me, and Baby B is on the upper left.  I am thinking Baby B is a boy and Baby A is a girl.    What do you think? Can you tell by the way a woman carries? Can you tell by the heart rates?  Heart rates are below and we would love to hear your guesses on the genders!

First here is an AMAZING VIDEO of the twins:

And now for some adorable photos!

I just want to say again how grateful we are for all the emails, comments, and support that has been flooding in.   We keep blogging and sharing because so many of you have come forward to share your stories of infertility, or stories of your loved ones.  Your stories have broken and warmed our hearts. So many strong women out there who are struggling.  We want you to know you are not alone, and we are so grateful to be connecting with all of you.  Thank you for your support.  The filming of the movie is coming along so nicely and we have a trailer coming up in a few days for you! 

One last update, CNN will be airing our story and interview this weekend on Saturday 4:30pm EST (1:30pm PST) and Sunday 7:30am EST on the Dr. Gupta Show.  We are excited! Hope you can tune in!

Surrogate Mother

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