Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Surprise Surrogate Reveal!

One of the most amazing parts of writing this blog is the joy of hearing from all of our readers.  We still get weekly and daily letters from people from all over who are struggling with infertility and other surrogates who are starting their journeys. 

Today, I received a beautiful email from a mother and a video attached that made me cry all the tears. 

Holly wrote in to tell us, sadly, last year, November 2013, she lost boy/girl twins at 21 weeks.  My heart broke as read her email. I cannot even imagine.  Then she went on to tell me something beautiful.  A friend of theirs had offered to be their gestational carry, and be the surrogate for them. 

Holly says:
"We kept our surrogacy a secret and surprised our family at 24 weeks, right after holding a memorial for my twins/spreading ashes.  My family thought we were taking a family picture (taken by a "stanger") but it was really our surrogate's husband filming!!" 

Pictured: Holly's family's reaction:

I love videos that surprise people with beautiful emotional things. I must say, I have never seen a video like this, and I don't know if it because surrogacy is so close to my heart, or because I know the loss this family went through, but I cried so hard I could not longer see the screen. Get tissues out, this is beautiful:

Amazing Video Here: 

We would love to hear from you, what did you think of the video? Post your comments below and let us know how it inspired you. 

"Giving of any kind...taking an action...begins the process of change, and moves us to remember that we are part of a much greater universe."  MBALI CREAZZO

With love,
Tiffany Burke


  1. This is so beautiful! Congratulations!

    1. Amazing!!!! I realy apreacte what women like you do!! Help others to become true their dream to become parents is a gift!
      I would like to introduce a online community that can help people interested on surrogacy.
      My Surrgate Mother

  2. Of course I cried! It doesn't help that I'm almost 8 months preggo as a surrogate for the 3rd time. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Cried like a baby. My goodness, what a gift to give someone

  4. I can just say how much I like and appreciate what you do!!!

  5. Bawling like a baby... absolutely amazing... So, so very sorry for the pain this couple has experienced, but what a beautiful and treasured moment this video is and will be to share with their little one some day.

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  7. We recently lost our precious twin boys, we lost them one at a time and the heartache was unbearable & still is extremely hard. My husband and I have never felt pain like this before. All of our families & friends have been so supportive during our encredibly long journey to get to a pregnancy with our twin boys. Everyone was so excited to see the sonogram videos & when we lost them one by one it devastated each & everyone of us. God is good though, although he needed to take our precious Sons home he brought us another blessing.

    We have a 3x Surro Mom going to carrier twins for us. God Willing our precious little Angels will be here by next Christmas!!! During one of the darkest days of our lives this Angel appeared & gave us this beautiful silver lining of offering to carry our babies. Thank You Lord for Amazing Surrogates!!!!!!

    I love how this couple told their family. My husband & I have decided to keep our new Surro pregnancy a secret until we are further along this time. This is great inspiration for how we could tell our family :)

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  9. Any update on the twin boys?

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  16. This is a very beautiful blog and when i saw the video it made my eyes tear. I was happy and crying at same time because i am also a mother and that's how it feel like. If anyone wants to find a Surrogacy centre in India then you can just contact me.

  17. Cried like a baby cribs. My goodness, what a gift to give someone

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