Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finding Peace

This blogpost was written by Natalie, Intended Mother

So starting this blog was a little hard for me, I am typically a very personal person and it is totally out of my element to put everything out there and tell people about my struggles. Since starting this blog and talking about our struggles, I have finally found a peace that I havent felt in 6 months. I finally feel like a mommy. The feeling of loss had consumed my every thought 24 hours a day. I couldnt stop thinking about it every moment. I have finally come to a point that I can go a whole day with only thinking about it a couple times. I feel like I have finally gotten my personality back and feel like myself again.

I find myself acting crazy with my son and just laughing all day. I have really missed that.
I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I feel like it has reflected in my son as well. He seems to sense my peacefulness.

I know I will continue to have hard days, but to finally feel like myself again feels really good.


Cousins, Holland (Tiffany's oldest) with baby Hunter(Natalie's).


  1. Reading that just made me so happy! I love you sis! And have definitely seen the joy in you :) And your crazy little man! I love to see the dorky/crazy side of you, and your entertaining dancing :) XOXO


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