Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello, and thank you for stopping by our blog!  We are two sisters in life, brought together by marriage - well, not our own marriage, Natalie married my brother, James.  So although we are sister-in-laws, it's safe to say we feel like much more - truly sisters.  Circumstances took place and now James and Natalie have decided to have a baby through surrogacy, and it just so happens, I was available.  :)   Through this new journey, we will be blogging often on the two sides of surrogacy.  One point of view from a mother who can no longer carry a baby, and another point of view from a mother carrying a baby for someone else.  This is all new to us, we are still familiarizing ourself with the terms and all the lingo.  Tomorrow we start our journey together with some testing at the reproductive clinic in Seattle.  So we thought it might be a good time to launch our little blog to share with friends and family, and maybe help others along the way who may be considering the same thing.   We are excited and anxious for this new baby to come into this world.   On this website we will post a little about Natalie, and a little about myself (Tiffany) among other things we learn along the way as well as pictures and blogs about our journey through the unknown.  We hope for the pregnancy to take in January and excited to see what the future brings for this new blessing in all of our lives.  We are so grateful to have each other as a family and know how very blessed we all are. 

Tomorrow is our first trip in together at the Reproductive Center and we are excited to report back and show pictures (don't worry, nothing inappropriate) of what happened.  Also, this weekend we will post a little back story about each of us, and what happened to Natalie and their little family to get to this point.  I am so honored to be a part of this, and trying not to cry as I write this.  How lucky we all are.

Thank you for taking the time to read, feel free to follow us, or take our weekly poll.  Thank you everyone for your support, thank you.

Tiffany and Natalie


  1. It looks great and the music fits it perfectly! Great job!

  2. I'm so excited to watch this amazing journey that will result with a precious new life!!! What a blessing for this child, to be born into such a wonderful & loving family. Love you both, so much!

  3. Wow Tiffany..what an amazing thing that you are doing...brought tears to my eyes. It hits home for me (going on 6 years of not being able to get pregnant)...what a precious gift you are giving them...I'm looking forward to your future posts :)
    -Misty Talkish

  4. Thank you for the support! Misty, your comment brought tears to my eyes. I could never imagine going through what you are going through and excited to share this journey with you! Thank you for following. :)

  5. How touching, truely amazing that the world has created such amazing people. Brings tears to my eyes and love to my heart knowing that this sort of thing happens, and for a family to be so close nit,is just amazing. I know that I would do it for my sisters, family and dear friends. Having just gone through IVF, if I couldnt carry a baby, I would be devasted. How truely amazing for a family to share such a wondeful bond. Cant wait to follow the story and see the gorgeous outcome, all the best from a 'random' Australian touched by this story found on Michelle Newell Photography page :)

  6. If you're at Pacific Northwest Fertility Clinic, I can't say enough good things. They gave me two beautiful children without too many interventions. You are so brave to be doing this. Good luck!

  7. This is beautiful and gives sisterhood and love a whole new meaning! It is created a whole new level to connect and share! Can't wait to follow your journey! Brings tears to my eyes!


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