Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Movie

This blog post was written by Tiffany, Surrogate Mother

Before continuing to read, we would love for you to take a look at the trailer for the movie, A Belly For Me, A Baby For You:

Why Film?

Our goal is to help educate people on this world of surrogacy, infertility and to stop the silent suffering from all the women and men out there who have ached to be parents and hit constant emotional speedbumps along the way to their family planning.   For every 100 mean comments on an article, we are receiving incredible emails from women who are feeling strength from our story, no longer feeling alone and feeling inspired.  We don't want surrogacy to be considered bad or weird.  Just like adoption should not be.  People plan and make their families in all different ways now.  When there are loving families and parents for children to grow up in, I just don't see what all the negative fuss is about.    I hope our story continues to reach the people it needs to. Including the negative, judgmental ones.  You never know who's mind you may open by speaking up about something so controversial.   

As a reminder - I used to think that if you can't have children naturally, you should adopt. I was adopted, two of my brothers were and I have always ached to adopt. My husband and I will be adopting through foster care after the surrogacy.  But, I had never been on the other side, I had never heard the hearts of these mothers.  I had never taken the time to understand or to even listen. I just thought "my way" of thinking was the righteous one. Walk a mile in someone's shoes, then make up your mind.  I never thought I would believe in IVF or surrogacy, let alone be a surrogate!  The world is a very interesting place when you choose to open your mind and see it from another person's perspective. 

With all the mixed feedback coming in from the CNN article, it has motivated me even more to get this film made.  We know we can make a beautiful film that shoes the ups and downs of surrogacy, infertility and the ins and outs in a medically accurate way.  We still have lots left to film, lots more interviews and of course, the birth.

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Thank you to all of those with your words of encouragement during this time.  



  1. I could watch your movie trailer all day. It's such a beautiful story and seeing everyone's reactions live is just so special and brings tears to my eyes. This story is amazing and beautiful and I feel that at the moment you are allowing the Negative Nellies to take over the story and are continually defending your choices. There is no need for you to continually defend your choice. You are AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, KIND AND BRILLIANT. This story is full of family, generosity, giving, sharing and LOVE. I have followed from the second implantation and hung on every word. As you say you are writing this blog to share your story of joy and love to those of us curious and interested in learning more about surrogacy. Please don't forget us, we will defend your choices with you and are equally offended by the ignorance of others, but please don't bow to them by continually defending this choice. Surrogacy is the greatest gift in the world.

    P.s. the image of Natalie leaning into James at the ultrasound is so beautiful <3

  2. This story has never been about why you should choose IVF over adoption, please don't let ignorant naysayers turn it into that. You have no reason to justify your families choice for IVF or to promote your views on adoption- the story itself speaks volumes about both. The fact that Tiffany and James were adopted and are now sharing such a wonderful gift goes to show that the bonds of love can far exceed the bonds of blood and gives adoptive family wonderful hope for strong family bonds. You have been determined from the beginning to share your story of surrogacy with absolute truth and honesty. You have not made ligh of IVF or glorified surrogacy, an I would hope that none of you waver in the strength of what you set out to accomplish because you encounter opposition. Also, I feel ashamed for the hypocrisy of some who reject what you are doing in support of adoption, yet have given birth to children of their own.

  3. I think you are all great and what you are doing is wonderful. I do as much as I can with my blog and my book to promote positive awareness of surrogacy. I can't understand why anyone would be mean about your situation! Must be ignorance. I wish you the best with everything! I have enjoyed following your story and can't wait to see the finale.

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